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Required Gear

Competitors must carry their equipment throughout the race. Time penalties or disqualifications will be assessed for littering or loss of equipment. All competitors should expect that they and their packs will get wet either from inclement weather or submersion. The air and water temperature in Michigan in the fall is usually warm enough to be comfortable while exerting yourself but it may be colder than expected and every competitor must be protected against hypothermia. In order to start the race, each team must be carrying the following gear:

Required Team Equipment

  • Orienteering Compass for the team
  • Lighter or waterproofed matches
  • Water detoxification system (filter or iodine tablets)
Required Individual Equipment

EACH team member MUST carry the following gear at all times during the race:

  • A working light source (with extra batteries)
  • An outer water-resistant shell/jacket
  • Whistle
  • Waterproofed change of clothing

Optional Equipment

Preparation for this race is an important part of the race itself. Familiarize yourself with the curriculum and be prepared to manage each of those types of wilderness emergencies. You may carry reference materials (books, palm pilots, etc.) but be sure that they are waterproofed. You will not be required to administer actual medications (such as epinephrine for an anaphylactic patient) but you should carry a syringe or vial labeled as such. If you choose to give a medication you should know the dosage and route you are using. Any bandages, needles, suture, etc. should be carried. You will not be allowed to simply say “I would suture this wound”, you must be able to actually do it (or close the wound another way)

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