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Race Specific Rules

  1. Assistance on the course. Teams are responsible for their own safety. Any unsafe behavior will be immediately addressed. Penalties may range from a simple warning to immediate disqualification at the discretion of the race officials.
  2. Adventure racing. Teams must support themselves. There will be no aid stations or mile markers. Race officials will not give directions, information regarding distances, or information about other teams.
  3. Assisting other teams. Teams may chose to work together in finding a checkpoint or sharing food and water. Teams may not share required equipment or deliberately mislead other competitors. If a team is noted to be having a true medical emergency (not a planned simulation) assistance must be rendered. The team receiving assistance may be assessed a time penalty. The team rendering assistance will receive a generous time bonus based on the nature of care delivered.
  4. Criterion grading. In some instances a minimal level of competency must be demonstrated for the medical or physical challenges. In these cases the team will not be allowed to proceed unless all the critical actions for the station are met.
  5. Be prepared to meet the medical challenges outlined in the curriculum. Obviously you will not be tested on all. You may bring reference materials. Teams should be able to complete the course without having to pack extensive packs. Part of the challenge, however, is race preparation. If you have a specific question please call one of the contact numbers and we will answer as well as we are able without giving away any of the events.
  6. Random equipment checks may occur during the race. Failure to have the required equipment will result in a time penalty or disqualification.
  7. All equipment brought onto the course must be carried throughout the race. No littering.
  8. We are guests at the park and have been asked not to bring any alcohol. Please don’t.
  9. Have fun!!
  10. Obey all the rules (especially #9)
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