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MedWAR Pennsylvania
Required Gear
You will need to show all required gear at check-in and carry ALL equipment below during the entire race (except boat and bike-specific gear).

This is an unsupported race -- meaning teams are not allowed to have support crews assist them. Teams will be directed to leave their bikes pre-race at a specified location (instructions handed out at pre-race meeting). Cycling gear (helmet, bike light, bike tools, & water bottles) may be left with bikes if securely attached.

Waterproofing is your responsibility. Plan to get wet.

If you are traveling a great distance to the race and bringing a bike would make it difficult to attend, please contact us as we may be able to assist.

Required Team Equipment

  • One Multiperson Canoe, 3 Paddles, & 3 PFDs (Rentals included in registration)
  • One Mountain Bike, helmet, and bike lock
  • 75 Feet of Rope (Any type)
  • Orienteering Compass (You will be navigating by map & compass)
  • Tent (Any size)
  • Fire starting method
  • CPR Facemask
  • Water Detoxification Method*
    * You will be responsible for your own hydration for the duration of the race. Natural sources of water (e.g lakes, streams) will be on the race course, but you provide your own water detoxification method.
  • Waterproofing Method for Map and Passbook
  • Wilderness Medical and Survival Kit**
    ** You choose the contents of this kit. This is part of the perparation and team strategy challenge of the race. To use an item in a medical scenario, you will need to show that you have the item and in some cases use it. Exception: To simulate a medication in your kit, you may label an empty syringe or pill bottle with the name of the med in marker. These must be pre-labeled before the race begins.

Required Individual Equipment

  • Dry Change of Clothes and Rain Gear (waterproofed & kept dry even if you get wet)
  • Whistle
  • Light Source (with extra batteries)
  • Food and Water (ability to carry 1 liter - water will be provided on the course)
  • A Sense of Adventure

Optional Team Equipment

  • Spare bike tube, tire pump, and repair kit
  • Other bike maintanence tools (chain tool, pedal wrench, etc.)

Forbidden Equipment

  • Electronic Navigational Devices (GPS, satellite locator, pace-meter, etc.)
  • Communication Device (cell phone, radio, pager, PDA, walkie-talkie, etc.)
  • Any Mode of Transportation not authorized by Race Staff
  • Any Map other than that provided by Race Staff
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